Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drunken chavs and stilettos: exercise prevention

According to experts sky-high footwear has led to a disturbing rise in injuries. According to a spokesman for NSW Paramedics (Australia) women are more likely to become injured while wearing high heels than while playing sports. Calls to attend the fallen with knee and head injuries, chest injuries, broken or fractured wrists, and busted fingers are on the increase as they  go down unexpectedly on concrete, stairs, or fall against a table while out to dinner. Invariably some level of intoxication is involved. Across the globe YouTube videos depict intoxicated chavs precariously tottering on sky-high stilettos. The same experts believe ladettes should seriouslypartake in the growing array of stiletto workouts, which guide participants through strength exercises as they balance on high heels. Proponents believe that performing these exercises in heels targets the calf muscles, quads and posterior in a new, more intense way. By spending more time in stilettos, participants also strengthen their ankles, which could help prevent the wobbles while wearing particularly tall heels. Many believe stiletto workout classes should be a prerequisite for young women wanting to mix boozing with wearing sky-high heels.

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