Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"La Decollette.": What to do with old socks

Rachel de Boer has had a secret which she kept from her best friends for years. Rachel wanted to avoid cleavage wrinkles and in the absence of a suitable product experimented with a homemade bras or sleeping. For seven years she slept with stuffed socks sewn between the cups of an old bra to prevent cleavage wrinkles and smooth out her neckline. Her success brought sceptical friends curious to discover if the sock bras would smooth out their cleavage wrinkles. De Boer made five more versions of what is now called "La Decollette." Her friends were so delighted with the results, they encouraged her to design an anti-wrinkle night bra that women would want to wear to bed. Three years later, a professionally designed and manufactured version of that same contraption is sold in 150 lingerie shops across the Netherlands and Belgium. La Decollette is a soft, padded rectangular piece of material between the collar bone and the sternum and sits between the breasts. The cupless bra is worn at night and keeps the breasts "in place" to prevent vertical wrinkles as the breasts are compressed together. Researchers at the Institute CERCO (Center d'Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique) have put the "La Decollette," to the test on women between 35 and 60 years old and been very positive about the results. Seems cleavage wrinkles reduced significantly after 24 hours. It is anticipated over a quarter of a million one-size fits all, anti-wrinkle bras will sell this year in Europe and already there are plans to ship the cupless wonders to the US and Canada.

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