Saturday, April 09, 2011

Leg - Go Shoes: Whatever next?

Last month, British artist, Finn Stone unveiled one seriously funky fashion accessory at the Affortable Art Fair  in London: a pair of stilettos covered in hundreds of colorful little Lego blocks. The idea for his "LEG-GO Stilettos" came about after rummaging through a drawer filled with random junk at his house. The artist used a pair of cheap, plain, black high heels as the base for his project and piled on the Legos using a "top-secret" adhesive mixture from his supply of art glues. He used a lot of very small pieces because they were better for going around the corners of the shoe and filling in odd spots. Although he likes straight lines, the small blocks give the shoes a pixelated and multidimensional feel. According to the artist the art piece is completely wearable. The shoes are not available commercially. At their recent art debut the size 5 LEG-GO Stilettos were priced at about $2,600. If anyone is really interested in a pair, they should contact the artist.

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