Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who bought Justin Bieber’s right shoe?

Jim Mitchell (52) of Kitchener, Ont., paid $1,425 for the purple Nike sneaker, which Justin Bieber autographed and donated to help raise money for his former high school’s broadcasting studio project. Mitchell motivation for bidding on eBay for the shoe was to honour his grandfather, who owned a broadcasting studio in Kitchener back in the 1930s. When he died in 1951, Mitchell’s family had to sell the studio because nobody knew how to properly run it. Mitchell says he wants future generations to be educated in broadcast communications. Mitchell is working out a deal with Stratford Northwestern Secondary School this week to figure out the best way to transport the shoe. The school still has the left shoe, also autographed, whose fate is yet to be determined. Mitchell says he would consider bidding on the left shoe if the school puts it on eBay. Only this time under an anonymous identity.

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