Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smart GPS shoes: Quo Vadis

A World Alzheimer global study recently said nearly 10 million caregivers spend $148 billion a year on the care of Alzheimer patients. Existing technology used to keep track of those with dementia include a pendant or a watch which contain a radio transmitter. Each waterproof device has a different frequency. The person with dementia is found by using a receiver tuned to that frequency. New footwear comes fitted with a GPS and is designed to track in real time people with dementia who go wandering. Brisbane-based Tracking Central has just signed for exclusive rights to the Smart Shoe in Australia and New Zealand. The Smart Shoe technology comes from US group GTX Corp which specialises in personal location devices to track people, pets, vehicles and high value assets. Tracking Central, which has been in business two years, with products including Care Tracker TC- 100 , PawTracker (a device small enough to fit onto a pet's collar or harness), and a live CareTracker Monitoring Service. The shoes are likely to cost around US$200- $300 and are due to be released here later this year.

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