Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Vibram FiveFingers for children: Latest trend

The latest fad for kids in the coming season is likely to be Vibram FiveFingers running shoes. Vibram recently launched child-size versions of the popular adult running shoe. Adult FiveFingers come in eight versions from the classic, which has a softer sole, to the most sturdy, called the Bikila. The shoe style has become more popular with the rise in barfoot running and extreme sports. Now rivals Fila have introduced fingerlike shoes for kids called Skeletoes Toe Shoes. Vibram FiveFingers for kids comes in four choices - blue-and-gray and black-and-gray for boys, and pink-and-purple and black-and-pink-and-white for girls. The hope is children wearing barefoot shoes may be encouraged to excerise more.

Shoe designs which include separate compartments for each toes are not new and were first introduced back in the late 15th century with the Duckbill shoe (also known as bear's paw or cow's mouth shoe). The shies had extremeley broad toes (up to 12 inches wide) with individual compartments for each toe. The top of the shoes were made of soft leathers and and decorated with slashes or cut outs. The style ran concurrent with the Cult of the Virgin Mary in England and was worn by the upper classes. The most famouse bella figure to wear duckbills was Henry the Eigth.

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