Monday, June 13, 2011

Clown Shoes: The last laugh is with Hokas

The trend for heel less shoes continues with the rise in popularity of bulkier runner shoes.

French-designed, Hokas running shoes are built for comfort with a full 40 millimeters (more than 1.5 inches) of cushioning between your foot and the ground. Most standard running shoes have a sole about 24 millimeters (less than an inch) high in the heel and 12 millimeters in the toe. The shoes do look large and clunky, compared to other runners but road tests indicate they feel just the opposite. Designers have utilized a super-lightweight material in the sole, which despite being bulkier weigh 9 ounce which is less than convential running shoes. According to the manufacture Hokas running shoes give runners 30 percent more surface area which they believe help reduce injury. The "clown shoes/moon boots" are gaining popularity, with endorsements from Karl Meltzer (ultrarunner), and Dave Mackey (trail runner).

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