Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prom Queens vote with their feet

A new phenomenon at Beverly Hill’s high school proms, girls are discarding their shoes. Some girls go foot commando whilst others kick off their heels as soon as they can. Trendy ‘naked feet is the new ‘high school code.’ Popularity of long dresses might mean the feet are not on show but the daring young pinkies hike their hems to show their independence. Dancing barefoot only accentuates the difference in height between partners in slow dances which is apparently regarded as a ‘stolen kiss ‘by the daring young belles. Revenues lost by the prom-shoe sellers are now made up elsewhere by pedicurists and podiatrists as accidents do happen. Limousine companies have been quick to respond and now carry emergency flip flops for those embarrassing moments at “no shoes, no service” fast food outlets or where school have banned bare feet.

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