Monday, August 01, 2011

Chinese street basketball forges new kicks' design

When Nike  designers discovered Chinese street basketball players wear anything to withstand brutal outdoor heat and protect them from the hard asphalt underfoot. They devloped a hardwearing composite called Hyperfuse, then discovered the new material gave extra vibrant colours whenmixed with dyes. Keep to capitalise on the popularity of the game in China they produced Air Max 90 and the Air Force in Hyperfuse. According to Nike Nike Hyperfuse composite system offers a superior stability layer, a breathable mesh layer, and a durable outer skin layer that combine to give footwear new strength, breathability and lightweight (at roughly 12.5 ounces for a size 9). The manufacture of Nike Hyperfuse has changed the way footwear is made. Hyperfuse “fuses” its distinct layers into a composite using a unique manufacturing method, eliminating the need to manually stitch together footwear materials.

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