Sunday, September 25, 2011

PUMA Re-Suede: Planet Friendly

One of PUMA’s most iconic shoes, the Suede has gone green. Each component has now been re-tooled with the highest quality of recycled materials. The PUMA Re-Suede has been developed using the latest materials and processes in eco-friendly product innovation. The upper, sockliner, laces and sublining are all made with 100 percent recycled materials. The synthetic ultra-suede upper material is created by Toray and comprises of 100 percent recycled polyester fibres. This is produced by a chemical recycling process that reduces the energy consumption and the CO2 emission by 80 percent compared to the production of other materials. The outsole of the PUMA Re-Suede is made from Double R Rice Rubber and the shoes are lighter in weight. The estimated savings in transport of the shoes in bulk is 15 tons of carbon emissions for every 10,000 pairs shipped. The Re-Suede will be sold in PUMA’s Clever Little Bag, an innovation in sustainable packaging that replaces traditional shoeboxes.

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