Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fashion shoes and sore feet

Recently a study into the footwear choices of 2,000 UK women was carried out by Hotter Shoes. Apparently 84 per cent of women wore killer heels on a night out with only one in ten admitting to be comfortable in high heels. One in three (34 per cent) of women anticipate experiencing pain from their shoes within an hour of leaving home. 81 per cent of the women poled admit to experiencing pain when wearing killer heels with almost half of those surveyed, (46 per cent), walking in comfortable shoes to meet friends, before changing into killer heels at the last minute. More than half have ended an evening bare foot and 60 per cent carried plasters because they expected a blister or cut. One in three included ‘handbag accessorie’s such as foldable shoes to change into.

Seems too supermodels are not expempt from sore feet caused by wearing ill fitting shoes. During fashion weeks unsightly plasters often protect raw heels as cuts and scabs are paraded on the catwalks along with the latest in high fashion. Catwalk shoes are mostly sample size, (normally a size 40) and unless the model is lucky enough to have the same sized feet they face four weeks of either squashing their feet into shoes that are too small, or trying not to fall out of shoes that are too big. Bruises, sprains and cuts are commonplace and make up artists are kept busy on set to cover up unsightly marks on model's feet during photoshoots.

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