Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naughty Ri-Ri with 'Fuck off' pumps

Rihanna (Ri-Ri) is seen here performing "We Found Love," on the UK’s, The X Factor recently. The singer had reportedly been asked to tone down her look by program producers after complaints from viewers. The young diva wore a tartan McQ dress, black tights, and a pair of shoes designed by Ashish Gupta in collaboration with the British footwear label Underground. The black, chunky creeper shoes come with a white-ink pen, with which wearers can doodle on their shoes. Seems someone decided to write "fuck off" on one shoe in large capital letters. The phrase was apparently visible to those in front row seats, who all gasped and pointed in shock and awe and consternation. Ri-Ri is no stranger to shock and often sports outragous profanity in the form of a golden neckless with the word, ‘cunt’ clearly engraved for all to see.

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