Thursday, December 15, 2011

Asics Gel-Excel33: Not all that it appears?

According to the manufacturers, the new Asics Gel-Excel33 is designed to let all 33 joints in the foot move freely. They continue ‘this gives the wearer a 'natural running experience'. (sic all joints of the foot are not mobile with the bases of the three middle metatarsals and respective cunieforms considered the most stable joints of the body). Needless to say this has not stopped the manufacturers from promoting the new kicks with a video featuring thirty-three members of the GB Acrobatic Squad and Britain’s Got Talent winners, Spelbound. The gymnasts contorted and supported each other in the human sculpture to be photographed by Melvin Vincent. The flexible models were directed by two choreographers to help them mould themselves into the different shapes required to create the human shoe.

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