Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day and the Havaianas 2012 Australia Day Thong Challenge.

It is Australia Day (26th January) and all over the iconic beaches of the big brown land, masses will gather for The Havaianas 2012 Australia Day Thong Challenge. The competition is to set a world record for the longest line of giant inflatable Havaianas and competition between states is fearce. Bondi took out the challenge in 2011 setting a new world record attempt of 2068 people so the gaunlet is down for other states to match the feat (sorry). Participants unbale to get to the beach can for the first time have the opportunity to have your own Havaianas 2012 Australia Day Thong Challenge in your own backyard. As part of the registration, participants receive a Giant Inflatable Havaianas Thong (valued at AUD49.95). Beer gut, Bonds singlets, stubbies (shorts) and thongs (made in China) are unmistakable marks of the true-blue male Ocker. POHMS (Prisonersa of her Majesty) may have superior underwear via Marks and Spencer but I doubt whether they have a singlet to beat a Bondy. Whether we like it or not the humble thong, single or double plugger, is very much part of the Australian way of life for many and of course has recently enjoyed a fashion fling in the northern hemisphere. Still despite this not many citizens can boast of a thong throwing contest, but Australians can. Two common events held on Australia Day is thong or gum boot throwing competitions where participants try their luck. In these events technique is everything and through the years distances have increased.

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