Saturday, January 07, 2012

Do it yourself pedicure

As a career podiatrist I must have cut millions of toe nails with never a thought what I would do when I became too old to tend to my own feet. The last thing on my mind was to seek the professional attention of others but through length of days that time has almost come and all the more important because I am a Type II Diabetic. Despite owning purpose made stainless steel toenail nippers I find trying to get to and cut the small toes nails in particular, challenging. Expanding waistline and compromised eyesight leaves me breathless and frustrated every time. My long ragged toenails are not a pretty sight and one which my better half is at pains to remind me not to be seen barefoot in public. Like the dentist with halitosis my imperfect nail pedicure in my Hell on Earth. Well all that has changed since I discovered Chrome Plated Straight Blades with catcher. The ergonomic handle has non slip grip which makes it easy to use and the blade edges are designed to ensure a clean, even cut. The nail clippers are heavy duty, stronger and specially designed to safely catch the nail clippings which make for a quick and mess-free operation. The added advantage with this clipper is it meets the current airline security requirements so it can be carried in hand luggage. I can now contiue safely to tend to my own pedicure needs for the forseeable future and confidently stride out barefoot in the knoweldge I have properly cut toe nails as an example to all.

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