Monday, January 09, 2012

George “Shoeman” Hutchings wants your soles

Kathy Fantasia has a goal is to collect at least 20,000 pairs of old shoes for the International Shoeman Water Project. Fantasia started collecteing for her shoe drive shoe only a few months ago and has collected 3,000 pairs. The International Shoeman Water Project works to raise money from the sale of the shoes to fund drinking water projects in countries such as Kenya, Haiti, India and South America.. The program was founded by George “Shoeman” Hutchings of Missouri in the late 90s and the charity picks up donated used and new shoes year-round from businesses, churches, schools, special events and shoe drives. These are then exported to retailers in the developing world. The resale of shoes provides jobs and affordable footwear and the funds generated provides well drilling rigs, water purification systems, and hand pump repair micro businesses bringing clean, fresh water to needy communities. Rotary clubs from Porterville and Sunrise as well as Sequoia Middle School students have recently joined Kathy Fantasia to collect more shoes.

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