Thursday, February 09, 2012

GB barefoot winners: Olympic Protest.

At the London 2012 Olympics medallists from Great Britain may be barefooted on podium after the British Olympic Association (BOA) took a tough stance over sponsorship. They have warned athletes might have to take off their sponsor’s shoes before walking out to the presentation dais. Sponsor of Team GB’s official ”presentation outfit,” Is Adidas and they are insistant all athletes wear the company’s footwear at all times during the Olympics, including on the podium. The only exception is that competitors can wear any brand of footwear during competition because it is classed as technical equipment. Leading agents of top-line competitors sponsored by footwear giant Nike have told the BOA their athletes would be in breach of contracts if they are forced to wear Team GB’s official ”presentation outfit.” Potential medal winners Mark Cavendish (cycling) and Mo Farah (runner), may collect London 2012 Olympic medals in bare feet to avoid contractual issues.

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