Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Nike Flyknit shoe

The Nike Flyknit shoe is a new sports shoe which will debut at the London Olympics later this year. Unlike traditional uppers the Flyknit has a seamless knit upper (tongue included) to improve fit and ensure airiation of the active foot. Four years ago Nike gathered a team of programmers, engineers, and designers to build technologies capable of micro-level manipulation. With machines in place, designers engineered exactly where they wanted to add structure and flexibility to the knit upper. Various yarns and sole fabrics were used in development but the final shoe consists of a feather-light, high-quality polyester yarn of varying elasticity, durability, thickness and strength. Nike Flywire supportive cables are weft into the knit. The cables loosen and contract with your foot, offering the comfort and ease athletes were looking for. A Lunarlon cushion sole completes the shoe. The Flyknit is 19% lighter than the traditionally crafted Nike Zoom Streak 3 (worn by the gold, silver, and bronze winners at the 2011 World Championship’s men’s marathon). The warp and weft of the shoe’s texturized knit also opens up the possibility for some interesting color combinations. The Flyknit Racer will be worn at the Olympics by marathon racers from the United States, Kenya, Russia, and the U.K. Nike is also releasing a limited edition run of the line called HTM Flyknit.

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