Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nike Foamposite Galaxy: Limited edition sales cause riots

A large crowd gathered to buy a pair of Nike Foamposite Galaxy shoes outside The Mall at Prince George’s in Hyattsville, Maryland . However when they were told the new shoes would not be for sale a riot broke out. Police arrested one person for disorderly conduct. The special limited edition Nike Foamposite Galaxy were selling for $220 per pair and there were 12 pairs for sale. The limited edition shoes are reportedly worth ten times more on the secondary market. A similar event happened outside a Foot Locker store in Orlando when the limited edition shies went on sale. Riot police broke up a stampede by shoe-hunters at Florida Mall and two arrests were made for trespassing. The crowd began getting unruly as hundreds packed the parking lot, waiting to buy the shoe that was timed to be released during the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando. Police officers dressed in riot gear held the angry growd at bay as a helicopter with a spotlight hovered overhead.

These events are not new and just before Christmas, the re-release of the Nike Air Jordan XI caused a ruckus at stores across the US, with crowds fighting. In Jersey City, N.J., a 20-year-old man was stabbed seven times amid a crowd of about 300 people waiting to buy the shoes. In Richmond, Calif., police said one person fired a shot at a mall as about 1,000 people lined up for their chance at the shoes; a suspect was arrested. Near Seattle, police used pepper spray to control fighting among would-be Air Jordan owners. Unruly shoppers also were reported in Indianapolis, San Antonio, Charlotte, N.C., and Richmond, Va., resulting in several arrests and injuries.

Nike has relied for years on its limited edition sneakers to generate a lot of buzz with minimal advertising.

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