Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Society of the Golden Slippers

The Society of the Golden Slippers is dedicated to the discovery and development of major musical talent. The group gather every third Monday of the month at London’s Dickensian Blacks Private Members Club (67 Dean Street, Soho, London) and every few months at the Club at The Ivy. Members enjoy a showcase of major talents ('tippers'), good wine and a friendly atmosphere. They have a regular core of music lovers (mostly drawn from the industry) who attend but new folk are welcome too. All events are free but strictly by guest list only. In a bid to keep music live from time to time The Society of the Golden Slippers organise secret gigs with stars in new venues. Invitation priority remains with society regulars, club members and music/media professionals. Requests should be emailed to Jen Roberts ( If you are unknown to the group, please include a brief introduction in your email. Because of the small venues the organisers forewarn requests for the guest list always outstrips capacity. Requests via text message or Facebook are not accepted.

I contacted Jen Roberts at the Black Club to find out more about the name, The Society of the Golden Slippers. Here is her reply.

"Well, I chose it based on a few ideas - Society - because I wanted to exude the exclusive nature of the events; harking back to the secret societies of old.

Golden Slippers - I was researching music halls and saloons of the 19th century and came across 'oh dem golden slippers'. A particularly successful song that went global. Our night is about artists who have potential hits within their repertoire...and, most importantly, I took 'golden slippers' as cockney rhyming slang for 'tippers' - a word we use in the music industry to represent 'about to break' artists. Obviously there's also the connotation of gold as a source of great value too.

But basically, less about shoes and more about tippers I'm afraid..."

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