Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Berliner Schieferstein: Shoes with a difference

Shoes crafted from dead animals are the fote of shoe designer Iris Schieferstein. Some of her most controversial pieces include a pair of sandals sporting stuffed doves with their wings spread wide and a collection of heels fashioned from hollow horse hooves. Berliner Schieferstein collects carcasses from her local butcher then strips out any remaining meat and bones before the tanner treats them for preservation. The sculptor then sets the skin, complete with fur around a shoe model before hand-stitching insoles and lining. Her extreme fashion is sought after by fashionista including Lady Gaga, and many of her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world. Despite the high price tag the footwear can only be worn for several hours at a time before becoming too uncomfortable.

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