Sunday, March 04, 2012

Metal detecting sandals

Looking for treasure well you might like to try hi-tech sandals which can detect metal while you walk. The sandals have a detection coil built into the sole of the right sandal which is in turn powered by a nine-volt battery attached to a strap that goes around your calf. Using beat frequency oscillation technology, the ring creates a magnetic field and when a metal object is underfoot it distorts the field and the battery pack alerts you to the presence of metal using a flashing red light and either a gentle vibration or a clearly audible buzz. The sandals have non-skid soles and polyurethane foam footbeds. These retail from Hammacher Schlemmer and are available in Black. Sizes M (Men's 7 1/2-9, Women's 8 1/2-10) and L (Men's 9 1/2-12, Women's 10 1/2-13). (1 lb.). More novelty than serious treasure hunter but the sandals are comfortable.

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