Thursday, March 15, 2012

Black and Tans for St Patrick's Day : Nike faux pas

Nike intended to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by introducing a new pair of kicks called ‘Black and Tans’. However, Black and Tan (Irish: Dúchrónaigh ) was a moniker used to refer sneeringly to the British forces accused of mistreating Irish citizens in the 1920s. Black and Tans, was a reference to the colour of their uniforms but the occupying British troops were remembered for their brutality and a systematic reprisal policy. Once Nike realised there was a problemthe company apologised for any offense caused. Nike said the sneaker had been "unofficially named," even though several online retailers and sneaker websites, such as Kicks on Fire, wrote about the shoe using the name Nike SB Dunk Low "Black & Tan" label. Nike acknowledged that the name "can be viewed as inappropriate and insensitive." In the US, a "black and tan" refers to a creamy stout beer, such as Guinness, stacked atop a Bass Pale Ale.

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