Friday, March 09, 2012

Harry bops to Bob Marley is blue suede dessert boots

Prince Harry of Wales joined barefoot dancers in Kingston, Jamaica sporting a pair of blue suede shoes. The Royal was in Jamaica for the Diamond Jubilee. He won over Jamaicans with a speech littered with jokes including a greeting from the Queen excertly delivered in Patois . During a visit to the Rise Life project, an after-school activity centre for young people over the age of 10, he was coaxed to the dance floor during a celebration. The prince was hesitant at first, but was eventually overtaken with the music and excitement of the other dancers. Prince Harry was wearing a pair of bright blue “Chucks” from Russell and Bromley and tripped the light fantastic to Bob Marley’s One Love. The desert boots are not yet available to the public but interest and advance sales are reported to have rocketed since the event. Footnote The Prince wore desert boots and not the suede brogues made famous by Carl Perkins’ song taken to the top the international charts by Elvis Presley in 1956.

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