Sunday, March 25, 2012

Status shoes a distinct lift

Don’s Footwear is owned and operated by Allan Donnelly, a Scotsman, based in Thailand. Through on-line marketing most of his hand crafted shoes are sold to the North Americans. Such is the marvels of the net. Don’s Footwear has an added specialty which gives extra height to the wearer. He perfected height-increasing styles which prevent height challenged gents from wearing lifts. The master craftsman makes his own lasts which accommodate sizeable sole inserts giving added inches. Allan Donnelly casts special moulds and selects insole materials that will not collapse under the weight of the wearer. Donnelly studied footwear patternmaking and last design in the Netherlands while working as a CNC machinist. He undertook an informal apprenticeship with a shoemaker for a year, and then returned to Thailand to start his own brand.

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Matthew Wooder said...

Wow! Impressive footwear. I really can't help myself not to have this one. I wonder how can I get a pair of this shoes.