Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sneakerheads and the new HTM Flyknit collection

Nike will release the second installment of the HTM Flyknit collection soon. The shoes will be available from 22nd April at the Nike Sportswear boutique at 21 Mercer in New York City's SoHo, and 1948 and Dover Street Market, London. Later the HTM Flyknit collection will be available on April 27 in Tokyo Nike Harajuku and Dover Street Market in Ginza. The second HTM Flyknit collection includes the HTM Racer in Total Orange and two versions of the HTM Trainer+ fashioned in Gray and Volt and Black and White.

Nike engineers have modified their machines to suit the knitted upper and created new software to fascilitate minimum waste. Mass produced footwear traditionally requires human involvement with operators needing to take the shoe uppers and place them on a machine last, before guiding the upper through injection molding process and removing excess material.

Improvements in manufacturing techniques will allow customers in the near future to be able to have their feet scanned and shoes created specifically to their needs. Plans are afoot (excuse the pun) to make this facility available for all sports footwear.

The new Nike HTM Flyknit collection is bound to attract attention from ‘sneakerheads’ and ‘hypebeasts.’ Sneakerheads are collectors of sport shoes and spend fortunes acquiring the latest hi tech footwear which are in most cases never worn. Blue chip investments many never leave their boxes or if they do are kep on display in special glass cabinets for all to admire. Most sneakersheads are male but lady sneakerheads do exist too. Hypebeasts are people who do not buy shoes for the love but for the business. They buy only the shoes that generate a lot of buzz and sell (flip) the sneakers for big profits, much the same way a person would buy and sell property for profit. Hypebeasts and online resalers have dramatically shifted sneaker culture. Brands like Nike have generated huge buzz by limiting the release of certain shoes to individual stores. Sneakerheads will be a buzz this weekend with the release of the Jordan 12 playoff edition in Fayetteville.

The "M" in HTM Flyknit stands for "Mark." Parker the designer of the, The Pegasus, running shoe.

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