Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pointe Shoes by Galen Summer

"Pointe Shoes" is a short video documenting the importance of the shoes, and the time and attention that goes into finding the right pair. The video directed and edited by Galen Summer follows Megan Fairchild, the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet and her search for the perfect pointe. Ballerinas often have their shoe custom-made but they also have to customise them through a process of busting, breaking, shaving and sewing the shoes to make them ready to wear. The ballerinas will also tape their toes to prevent blisters from up to eight hour work days. The New York City Ballet has a ballet shoe supervisor. Angel Betancourt is the expert of the pointe shoe and is in charge of all of the ballerinas' feet. Despite the amount of time dedicated to each pair, pointe shoes do not last for long. The ballerinas use a pair of pointe shoes per day.

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