Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bata India moves towards younger consumers

Bata India is setting up a new retail format to sell affordable fashion footwear and accessories targeted at young adults under 'Footin' brand. Bata plans to open 100 Footin stores by 2015. Footin stores are set up over 1,000 sq ft and sell products at price points of 399 and 599. The stores are laid out to attract young customers and Bata India plans to invest 45 crore over the next three years to expand and modernise its manufacturing plants in India. The company is also moving towards contract manufacturing, particularly for stylish products. Products will not carry the Bata name but the new retail format will allow it to grow its sales in the age group of 15-25. This represents one of the largest buyers of fashion shoes and accessories. Bata India currently operates 1,250 retail stores across India and plans to set up another 130-140 new Bata stores this year.

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