Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Cobbler’s Shoes

David Marks is a documentary film maker who has produced some of the BBC's most popular documentary films. These include : Nazi Gold (1997) and Jimi Hendrix: The Man They Made God (1999).When he is not working on his film projects he is a part-time shoe shiner and utility helper at a local cobblers, Tony’s Shoe Repair . The Mill Valley business is run by his close friend and charasmatic, Misak Pirinjian . Mark’s is currently raising money for the nonprofit film project and hopes to finish the documentary, tentatively titled, In the Cobbler's Shoes, later this year. The film maker hopes to use his friend’s “old world” traits to provoke audiences to think about values like hard work and fairness in an era of excess. The film will capture the special nature of Pirinjian’s interactions with his clients and then his amazing artistry revitalizing the most tired of footwear. In the Cobbler’s Shoes is being made through the generous support of individuals and foundations. The budget will cover the costs of production, post-production, and an initial release to festivals. It is a relatively small amount for a documentary that will take four months to make and bring a special story to the screen. Anyone wishing to support this documentary can through tax deductible donation. See the San Francisco Film Society on for more details.

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