Saturday, June 09, 2012

Nike+ Sportwatch to match

Nike and TomTom have announced the launch of a new range of Nike+ Sportwatch models with a new addition and new color combinations. The original Sportwatch users and those using the new version of the watch will be able to access NikeFuel. NikeFuel allows users to compare their performance against that of other athletes in the same sport and share achievements with friends. Nike chose the colours of the new version of the watch to match its line of apparel and shoes. The colors include Black/anthracite, anthracite/blue glow, and high-impact volt green. The starter version the watch is the anthracite/blue glow addition and is priced at €149. The starter version of the watch doesnot include a Shoe Sensor, which is required for outdoor use. The other versions of the watch include the Shoe Sensor and sell for €169. The new version of the Nike+ Sportwatch is available now online and in retail stores.

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