Friday, June 29, 2012

The Shoe Crew

The Shoe Crew” is determined to help make a difference in the lives of underprivileged youth by providing them with much-needed new athletic shoes. The philanthropic group of kids, teens, and celebrities, kicked off their summer effort to collect 2200 pairs of new athletic shoes for underprivileged youth with a red carpet launch event. Guests included Victoria Strauss, Joey King, Dylan Riley Snyder , Haley Pullos, Johnathan Zeichner, Executive Director of A Place Called Home, Roni Lomeli, Executive Director of Shoes That Fit, and Shoe Crew sponsors Vlado Footwear and Crush Couture, among others. They have already collected 822 pairs of new shoes for youths served by A Place Called Home and in addition, they are aiming to fill up the entire warehouse located at the Shoes That Fit corporate office in Claremont, CA.

The Shoe Crew consists of over twenty three members, primarily actors, celebrities, and public figures. Each of the Crew is responsible for a specific job including designing and maintaining the website, contacting sponsors, creating videos, selling t-shirts and raffle tickets at events, promoting the events and working together as a team to accomplish their goal of collecting the thousands of pairs of shoes. Many of the underprivileged recipients who will benefit from the Shoe Crew’s efforts are in need of emergency assistance. Some of these youth are from homes that have burned down, have fled domestic violence situations, or whose parents have had to choose between a roof over their heads or food on the table versus the other basic items their children desperately need. The Show Crew is devoted to helping underprivileged youth.

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