Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shoes for rhematoid arthritics inadequate: A Survey

Sally Underwood lives with rheumatoid disease and subsequently copes with disabling foot pain and deformity which prevent her from having comfortable shoes. Despite being prescribed foot orthoses she is unable to fit them comfortably into her footwear. To cope despite a wardrobe full of shoes she lives in a pair of worn-out boots. The damage to her feet is typical of rheumatoid disease.

Partial subluxation of the weightbearing joints of the forefoot with gross deformities of the toes typical of rheimatoid didease have resulted in feet that do not fit cpmfortably inot shoes. Last year when Sally got married she wore a cream pair of wellies (gum boots). Arthritis Research UK, has found fewer than half of people with foot problems resulting from rheumatoid disease believe their foot orthoses are a useful aid to mobility. Eight out of ten have problems with their prescription shoes which can cost between £200 to £700. At least one in three people find bespoke footwear so ugly, heavy and large, they discard them immediately or soon after getting them. Many complain their prescribed shoes arrive by post months after a brief consultation with the shoe maker or orthotist. Experts the limited choice of off the shelf footwear impact negatively on the self-image in women coping with chronic disease such as rheumatoid disease.

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