Friday, June 29, 2012

Shoes: Who gets custody?

Daniel Shak is a US hedge fund manager at SHK Asset Management currently suing his ex-wife, Beth , for 35 per cent of her $US1 million collection of footwear. The collection consists of 1200 pairs of shoes). According to Daniel Shak his former wife (a high rolling gambler) failed to declare the collection during their bitter divorce three years ago. Mrs Shak claims her spouse was well aware of her collection and the closet in their master bedroom in their Fifth Avenue pad was crammed from floor to ceiling with shoes.

The lady made no secret of her cache and as one of the world’s top footwear aficionados she keeps a blog ( as well as having appeared on on the channel ShoesTV and in other documentaries including, God Save My Shoes.

Mrs Shak has even has an image of a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed on a private area of her body.

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