Tuesday, July 31, 2012

all in, all 2012 red shoe customizations

adidas is running a promotion for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Across the 41 days, artists will be creating customized adidas shoes that embody the spirit of the Olympics, and represent viewer's most memorable moments each day. Through the brand's Facebook page , adidas is engaging with their fans, asking for suggestions on the best "all in" moment from that day of competition. "All in" being characterized as the best winning moment of the day, or by anything that embodys the true Olympic spirit.

One of the first adidas shoes to be customized was based on David Beckham. The Beckham shoe remodelling takes on elements of this year's Olympics and old school London, with sandpaper and metal piping wrapped around the shoe to depict the factory feel of old East London. Maps of the hospital where Beckham was born and the Olympic stadium were layed on the insole.

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