Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bradley Wiggins wear ultra light cycling shoes

Bradley Wiggins wears ultra light shoes made by Bont Cycling from Australia. The Bont Zero weights just 170g per shoe which is nearly half the weight of a more conventional high-end cycling shoe.

Key weight saving features include a paper-thin carbon fiber sole, an aluminized fiberglass upper with no synthetic leather layer on top for aesthetics, and the use of laces instead of a more elaborate ratcheting buckle or even conventional hook-and-look straps. Bont use an 'inside-out' monocoque construction where the upper and lower shells of the shoe are wrapped around a last and joined at the edges instead of the more typical upper-on-sole bonding method that produces more overlapped material. Despite the less than 4mm sole, the shoes are remarkably rigid and the built-in arch support and wrapping the edges of the sole up and around the sides of the foot gives additional support for improved pedaling mechanics. In addition, the unusually shaped toe box is more akin to the actual shape of a rider's foot and the heel cup cut atypically low for easy ankling.

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