Friday, July 13, 2012

Design to Win

The gold colour 3D-printed trainers are designed and engineered by Luc Fusaro. Fusaro's plan is to use materials, technologies and processes to design a shoe to fit the individual specification of each foot. Scanning the foot with the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) allows the designer to custom-print a pair of shoes. According to Dr Daniel Toon from Loughborough University’ s Sports Technology and Additive Manufacturing Research Group ,scientific fine tuning the mechanical properties of a sprint shoe to the physical abilities of an athlete can improve performance by up to 3.5%. Fuscaro’s prototype shoe is still in development and the upper is still too stiff to offer optimum speed. The designer hopes to introduce more flexibility and comfort by experimenting with a combination of different material or additive manufacturing processes that can offer different flexibilities in the same product. This project has been supported by the James Dyson Foundation, EOS company and Jaymart.

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Tenderfoot said...

Wow! I was hoping someone would manage to achieve this soon, as I rarely find a shoe that fits me properly. I'm looking forward to the day this technology hits the market.