Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The GrundWave Shadow Trainer

There is an app to help you dance and whatsmore a sneaker to go with it.The GrundWave Shadow Trainer is still in its concept designs but could hit the market soon. The brainchild of Industrial Designer , Tom Sykes, he created the GroundWave sneaks for his Final Year Project at the Loughborough University Design School, UK. The idea earned him the 2012 James Dyson Foundation Bursary and lots of online chatter. The high tech kicks have sensors on the soles that hook up to a smartphone and give real time feedback on dance moves. This allows the user positive encouragement and fast feedback to improve their dance skills. The Urban Dance app only connects with the person using it, but Sykes hopes to expand it into social media, where users can share scores and achievements while using the sneakers. The intention of the GroundWave shoes was to encourage young people to ebjoy exercise in a bid to fight childhood obesity.

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