Sunday, July 15, 2012

Replacement flip flops for Chinese Train Commuters

Beijing Subway stations have begun offering replacement slippers for people who lose footwear in the crowds. The service, available at most of the 182 stations in the city, was introduced to coincide with the hot weather, when many people wear flip-flops. More than 200 slippers are available in Beijing, with a minimum of five pairs per transfer station, According to an official spokesperson the replacement slippers serve as reserves to ensure passengers are not late for work or have to hop to the office. Passengers who lose a shoe can ask any subway staff member for a pair of slippers, which are one-size-fits-all and come in several colors including blue, pink and yellow.The shies are supplied free and gratis and there is no obligation to return them. Officials say replacement footwear seldomis returned for the use of other passengers but on the occasion they are , the footwear is disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases. In addition to the replacement slippers, the station has also prepared hundreds of raincoats and medial kits for emergencies, such as mint cream and water for sunstroke victims and brown sugar and candies for people exhibiting symptoms of hypoglycemia. In the capital, commuters can also borrow bikes to travel between their home and stations, while in Shanghai residents can also borrow umbrellas on rainy days.

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