Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sneakerheads: Resource and Facebook App

Shoe companies like Nike and Footlocker have released new facebook app and web resources for sneakerheads. Foot Locker’s Sneakerpediais a Wikipedia for sneakers with information about the year a shoe was launched, its brand, type (basketball, running, etc.), the material it’s made of and the colour. The entries also let users record their “personal sneaker stories” and look for related sneakers. At the moment, there’s no link to buy any of the sneakers online. The Nike Shoe Boxxxx Facebook App, which is available in English and Japanese. This gives players three random, virtual pairs of shoes to start. Players can learn more about the history and make of their shoes and then, if they so choose, swap those shoes with other players around the world. Trading earns players points and additional pairs, including “certain rare shoes” that are not available in the initial pool. Users can display their collections in colour-customized cubbies; they can also examine the shoe displays of other players.

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