Sunday, July 22, 2012

The biometric shoe

The Pedo-Biometrics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, is working to perfect special shoe insoles to help monitor access to high-security areas. The concept is based on research that shows each person has unique feet, and ways of walking. Sensors in the bio-soles check the pressure of feet, monitor gait, and use a microcomputer to compare the patterns to a master file for that person. If the patterns match the bio-soles go to sleep. When they do not a wireless alarm message is sent to a security centre. The lab received a $1.5 million startup fund and is in partnership with Autonomous ID, a Canadian company who have been working on prototypes since 2009. At present the shoe insoles are still in development phase and there is no immediate plan to introduce them to the market. Other agenicies are currently exploring gait biometrics, including reports of systems where the floor monitors footsteps.


biometric systems said...

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biometric systems said...

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