Friday, July 06, 2012

What have the Middletons' done for Portugese shoes ?

Catherine (Dutchess of Cambridge) , Pippa and their mother Carole all like to wear shoes made in Portugal. After Pippa and her mother commissioned shoes for the royal wedding from Helsar, a family-run shoe company near Porto, the company has raised its exports from 9% of sales to 75%.

Helsar shoes have become a symbol of prestige and an example of the spirit helping Portuguese industry to improve its manufacturing technology and to contribute to cutting the country’s trade deficit. The “Made in Portugal” stamp has gained new prestige and stylish fashion designers and shoe stores from around the world are placing orders. The industry had a 20% record growth last year and Portugal is now one of the 10 top shoemakers in the world. Meantime Pippa Middleton has become a real fashion icon in her own right and has a website dedicated exclusively to the subject to prove it.

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