Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adidas /Y-3 FAC 51 Hacienda trainers: Limited Edition

The Hacienda (Hac) was Manchester's most famous (dance) club and to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary they have released a limited edition (250 pairs) of Adidas /Y-3 FAC 51 Hacienda trainers. The £345 kicks are an Adidas design offshoot, with input from Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville, Hac interior designer Ben Kelly and New Order's Peter Hook. They are sold in a six-sided, maple-bottomed box (reflecting the Hacienda’s dancefloor) and wrapped in four sheets of tissue paper - two featuring Kevin Cummins’ photography of the club, one with original design sketches of the interior and a fourth featuring the building today. There's also a DVD thrown in featuring anecdotes of the club from those involved.

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