Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bones in shoes an elaboate hoax

Three children's shoes filled with a "meat-like" substance were found recently on the Clover Point shoreline, Victoria. After examination by forensic anthropologists the contents were declared non human and the find, a hoax. The incident comes almost a year after two running shoes containing beef or pork were found in local bays. A police spokesman said, these types of hoaxes cause significant alarm for the community and take up valuable police time and resources. Victoria Police say they are launching a full-scale investigation to track down the "sick" pranksters who left three child-sized shoes filled with meat-like materials on a popular city beach area. The mystery of disembodied feet found inside shoes began in August 2007, when a man's size-12 sneaker was found on Jedediah Island, off Parksville. The find was later linked through DNA to a depressed man who had gone missing a year earlier. Another man's running shoe was found less than a week later on Gabriola Island. All told, 11 feet have been found since 2007, including two in Washington. Four of the feet have been matched into pairs. The coroner's service has said the feet apparently separated naturally from bodies in the water without foul play.Two feet were identified as belonging to a woman who committed suicide by jumping from the Pattullo Bridge in New Westminster in 2004.

Children’s shoes found with bones inside a hoax: police | British Columbia

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