Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scott Sowle the Seattle Shoeman and Redeeming Shoes

Last year Scott Sowle started a charity called Redeeming Soles to help bring shoes to Seattle's homeless people. Once homeless himself he knows firsthand the difference that a good pair of shoes could make to life on the street. He spent13 years living on the street and trying to avoid the pain and bitter cold was a constant struggle. As a homeless person he found it difficult to find shoes to protect his feet and decided to ask people to give him their used shoes. People gradually started donating used footwear. Sowle carefully cleaned and disinfected them before distributing them on the street.Today, the shoeman takes the shoes wherever they are needed in Seattle such as homeless shelters, food banks and hostels.


Patrick Fitzgibbon said...

What a great collection! How many people made there donations so far?

Scott Sowle said...

Over 35,000 pairs have been donated and distributed since the start of Redeeming Soles.