Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flip Flop Guy runs a marathon

Keith “The Flip Flop Guy” Levasseur (34) is a marathon runner who prefers wearing thongs when running. Recently he completed the Baltimore Marathon in 2:46:58 (29th place and personal best) while wearing Reef flip flops. He hopes the Guinness Book of World Records will accept his feat as a world record for a marathon in flip flops. Other runners who noticed Lavasseur's footwear were mostly supportive and wished him good luck as he sped past them, beside a couple runners who called him nuts for the stunt. This was not the first time Keith ran in flip flips, but it was the longest and fastest he has ever run in them. Levasseur is a member of Maryland's Howard County Striders and admitted after the race his feet were 'quite sore' but his flip-flops never once came off his feet.He did readjust them a number of times with the cobble stones and hills. To meet the record-eligible standards Levasseur worked out with Guinness, Levasseur he had to run in standard flip flops, with no heel strap to better secure the footwear. He also had to cover the entire course in flip flops; if one cams off, he was to retrace his steps to where it came off, put the flip flop back on, and resume running. If one of the flip flops disintegrates en route, the record attempt was off.

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Mark said...

Awesome to see a guy do this in flipflops!