Wednesday, March 06, 2013

In the Presence of Spirits: Barbara Parks

Barbara Parks is a microbiologist and podiatrist; working in her own private practice for the last twenty years. Her paranormal experiences have often been at odds with her scientific background and it has been a circuitous journey towards the acceptance of her abilities. Barbara's clairvoyance showed itself early in life and constitutes some of her earliest memories. She recalls countless faces which would gather at her bedside, a nightly ritual she found to be a comforting aspect of her day to day life. As time went on however, the ghostly manifestations became progressively more sinister. Innocent acceptance soon gave way to unadulterated fear. In the Presence of Spirits documents Barbara's journey toward the embracing of her clairvoyance, and the ways in which it has enhanced her life. Although her early recollections bear all the hallmarks of a Hollywood horror movie, her story emerges as one of inspiration and insight. Although Barbara continues to run her podiatry practice in the Perth Hills, her passions lie in investigating and writing about the paranormal. She is also a capable guest speaker and thrives on having an audience with which to share her passion! She is a married mother of three young children, all of whom have shown signs of inheriting their mother's sixth sense. Barbara has recently completed her follow up to In the Presence of Spirits, which is due for publication on September 8th , 2013.

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