Saturday, March 30, 2013

To be in the Pontif's shoes

The new pope's shoes will be black, according to papal shoemaker Adriano Stefanelli and meantime Pope Francis the Holy Father continues to wear resoled old shoes meantime. The Vatican are keen to dispel rumours the pontif’s footwear are made by Prada. Former Popes have traditionally worn red loafers with the significance of red thought to symbolize the blood of martyrdom. The red shoe tradition dates to 1566, when St. Pope Pius V decided to replace the red vestments for white with only the red cap, cape and shoes remaining a reminder of he past. Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI exchanged his papal red shoes in favor of loafers made by Mexican cobblers. On a recent visit to Mexico he was given three pairs, two burgundy and one brown made by Mexican shoe maker Armando Martin DueƱas of Ackerman. The shoes are hand crafted and made from the skin of newborn calf leather. Pope Benedict’s red shoes were made by Peruvian Antonio Arellano . He was a loyal customer before he became Pope and even made the pair of red loafers with his name lined on the inside of the shoe.

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