Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Puma Mobium: The cat's paw

The foot moves in three dimensions i.e. longitudinally, laterally (side to side) and vertically. Most shoes accommodate these kinetic changes by stretching with wear but according to PUMA their new innovative Puma Mobium adjusts with the body in motion. The hope is a dynamic shoe with expansion pods on the outsole of the shoe to expand and contract with the foot will transfer to more efficient locomotion. DEsigners took two years to develop the Mobium and have incorporated a host of patent pending technologies. Inspiration for the new shoe came from watching cat’s paws.

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Zita Tindall said...

Sounds very interesting. A shoe that mimics the expansion and contraction of the natural foot should aid efficient movement but if you have a foot that has bio-mechanical issues e.g. excessive pronation, would this shoe not mimic the natural excessive movement and not provide stability needed to stop this?