Thursday, April 04, 2013

Winnie Peng: Help for new shoe designers

Winnie Peng (Puhng) is Senior Project Manager for China Product Sourcing and Marketing Ltd. (CPSM). She hopes to encourage would-be footwear designers to turn their sketches into actual shoes. According to Peng the two most important factors for a shie designer to know is the actual cost of producing shoes and importing them from the shoe factory; combined with a good marketing plan in place to sell the new range, once made. Most would be shoe designers have the mistaken idea that ‘everything's cheap in China’ and never realize that it takes hundreds of dollars just to create a prototype and many have no idea of the cost for the full-production order. She hopes to overcome these short falls with a series of training videos to help educate and inspire a new generation of footwear designers to great success. Richard Alele contacted Peng four years ago and wanted to start a shoe line. Keen to succeed the two worked together and developed Star Rich More information at www.shoe

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