Saturday, May 04, 2013

Atheist shoes go missing in the US ?

Atheist shoes is a German shoe firm and they are currently having problems shipping their products to customers in America. Seems the American authorities are uncomfortable with the name of the company. Shipments to the U.S. have been beset by lengthy delays. Atheist shoes which feature soles with the blazen message 'I'm an atheist' or 'Darwin Loves' have enjoyed massive success across the world over the past year. Seems delays to shipments has been traced to the company’s introduction of ATHEIST-branded tape. A spokesperson for the company believe the prominent placing of the word 'Atheist' on the outside of their packaging has attracted the ire of American postal workers. The company tested the situation by sending 89 U.S. customers two packages: one sealed with Atheist-branded tape, the other with neutral tape. All the packages were sent from Berlin on the same day, but the Atheist-branded packages took an average of three days longer to reach their destinations. Whilst one unbranded package went missing in the post, nine Atheist-branded packages disappeared on route to their intended recipient. Critics have pointed out that the study did not consider other reasonable alternatives (something Atheist discusses in the comments section on the company's website). Atheist shoes have since ceased using their branded tape on packages sent to the U.S.

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